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Buy Rubber Mulch for Playgrounds in Maryland.

Playgrounds are as much a part of childhood as cartoons, birthday parties and schools. Kids enjoy running, jumping and testing their physical abilities on playground equipment. Many outdoor play areas simply have sand or grass as ground cover. Unfortunately these types of surfaces are not the most-forgiving when a child falls on the ground. To prevent those painful scrapes, cuts and bruised knees a mulch made from recycled rubber is available. It is possible to buy bulk rubber playground mulch in Maryland at very affordable prices.

Keeping children happy, healthy and accident-free is what this product does best. When safety is an issue rubber mulch for playgrounds can provide the type of surface both parents and children can appreciate. The soft, pliable material cushions any fall and absorbs the energy of the impact. This means that children will ‘bounce’ back up and get back into the game without experiencing scraped knees and painful bumps and bruises. The mulch can be used on a private playground or in larger, commercial settings. As a national supplier of these shredded rubber chips our company is able to deliver customer orders to homes, businesses, schools and churches.

The shredded rubber material is lightweight, but strong enough to prevent many of those common playground injuries. You can purchase quantities of 1,000 pounds or more. A depth of at least 6 inches is suggested for commercial playground areas. Your order will be delivered in large sacks. We even have 2000 pound super sacks available. When you are ready to buy bulk playground rubber mulch in Maryland you can contact us for more information.

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