Oregon Playground Rubber Mulch

Bulk Playground Rubber Mulch Oregon

Buy Bulk Rubber Mulch for Playgrounds in Oregon.

Create a safe are for children and buy bulk rubber playground mulch in Oregon. Rubber mulch is ideal for schools, churches, daycare centers, and residential play areas.

Rubber mulch for playgrounds provides a safe play surface for children to play on. The rubber minimize the impact when a child falls down because it has provides double the cushioning unlike standard playground materials such as sand, woodchip, cement, or blacktop surfaces resulting in less injuries and hours of safe, fun play. Rubber mulch is durable and long lasting, easy to install and will not float away in heavy rain or blow due to heavy winds therefore it is ideal for all areas. The material is 99.9% steel free and non-toxic providing an ideal solution for increasing a child’s safety while cavorting on the playground. Rubber mulch is maintenance free and does not require constant attention to maintain functionality and expected performance. Best of all it is economical solution to playground safety.

Rubber mulch is not only safe but it helps protect the environment. It reduces environmental impacts by keeping rubber out of landfills because it is comprised of recycled tires. Millions of tires are recycled each year put to good use supporting the ever-growing amount of environmental sustainability initiatives. Buy bulk playground rubber mulch in Oregon.

Including, but not limited to, the following cities and surrounding areas: Portland, OR – Eugene, OR – Salem, OR – Gresham, OR – Hillsboro, OR – Beaverton, OR – Bend, OR – Medford, OR – Springfield, OR