Rubber Mulch Prices

Super Sack of Rubber Mulch on Pallet with Forklift

A Super Sack of Rubber Mulch on a Pallet with Forklift

Bulk playground rubber mulch normally comes in one ton (2,000 pound) super sacks.  They are loaded onto a wood pallet and shipped by a delivery truck to your home, school, or church location.

Shipping costs can fluctuate up and down depending on the day and the carrier used. Therefore, we do our best to source out the most best transportation prices to get your rubber playground mulch order delivered to your location. We ship your order cheaper and faster than other suppliers or manufacturers of rubber mulch.

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We can offer volume pricing for your project. Discounts are available for 42,000-pound full truck loads (FTL), which can fit about 21-22 pallets of playground rubber mulch. Contact us for bulk pricing now to save money via buying rubber mulch in wholesale quantities.

Truckload of Rubber Mulch Delivered on a Transport

About 21-22 super sacs can be loaded onto 1 full truckload (FTL). That’s about 42,000-44,000 pounds of playground rubber mulch at our best possible price!

We have available Uncoated Black Rubber Mulch (Natural Black) as well as a Colored Rubber Mulch (including coated/painted black)

We offer discounts with our volume pricing.  You can receive even deeper discounts when you buy a truckload of about 42,000-44,000 lbs of rubber playground mulch. By purchasing rubber mulch in large quantities, you can save money. Contact us now for bulk mulch pricing. We will get your order delivered to you both cheaper and faster!

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