Virginia Playground Rubber Mulch

Bulk Playground Rubber Mulch Virginia

Buy Bulk Rubber Mulch for Playgrounds in Virginia.

Safety is the number one reason why homeowners and commercial playground operators lanscape their playgrounds with rubber mulch. When spread a minimum of 6 inches over the ground, it can cushion the falls of children using playground equipment as well as deter nesting by insects and other pests. It is also economical to buy bulk rubber playground mulch in Virginia because as a national supplier, we can deliver it by truck directly to the customer’s desired location.

Rubber mulch is becoming an increasingly popular choice for landscaping both commercial and residential playgrounds because it helps reduce waste by recycling used tires into rubber chips and shredded rubber. Rubber mulch for playgrounds is superior to traditional wood mulch choices because it doesn’t lose its color after being subjected to extremes of weather and it is durable enough to last as long as 20 years, making it a very good investment.

Budget minded customers can save on rubber mulch by buying in bulk. Customers who buy bulk playground rubber mulch in Virginia can have it shipped anywhere in the country. Special discounts apply on bulk rubber mulch purchases that total over 20,000 pounds or truckloads of more than 42,000 pounds. Buying rubber mulch in bulk enables every playground owner/operator to enjoy the benefits of this amazing ground cover.

Including, but not limited to, the following cities and surrounding areas: Virginia Beach, VA – Norfolk, VA – Chesapeake, VA – Arlington, VA – Richmond, VA – Newport News, VA – Alexandria, VA – Hampton, VA – Roanoke, VA – Portsmouth, VA